Your visitors are source of conversions

Do not give up on your website visitors who did not purchase your products or called upon your services. From all over the Internet and across all their digital devices, the retargeting enables to reach these prospects and convert them into clients.


Remarketing is a technic allowing you to reach to a new visitor of your website by offering him/her a relevant ad message to make him/her take action (purchase, subscribe, etc.).

Customer Match

Do you have your own list of email addresses you wish to target specifically? Star 5 Digital Solutions can create ad campaigns to target exclusively these users and similar ones through the tool customer match.

Dynamic retargeting

Dynamic retargeting can be shown as static or animated, illustrated banners to the visitors of your website by displaying products they consulted or services to which they were interested. An additional way to make them come back and complete their purchase.

Similar audiences

Star 5 Digital Solutions can create ad campaigns targeting a similar audience to those of your website visitors thus attracting additional prospects with similar behaviors to the visitors of your website (product purchase, search, etc.).

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

RLSA offers a number of advantages, it allows to target in a personalized way over the Google search network:
All visitors of your website.
The visitors of a specific page of your website.
The buyers.
Those who added products in their basket but did not finalize their purchase.
And much more.

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