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From the analysis of the competition from your industry to the implementation of tailored measures adapted to your needs and through the study of your website structure, Star 5 Digital Solutions plan, execute and measure your Search and Shopping campaigns from A to Z to maximize your ROI.

Account structure

The account structure is an essential part to reach the expected objectives. A rigorous and coherent setup of your campaigns ensures a perfect steering, therefore maximizing the efficiency and the results to achieve the best ROI.

Google Shopping

After a search from a user linked to one of the products of your catalog, your product is displayed directly in the top results with its name and price, thus attracting the ideal prospects for you ecommerce website.


Your prospects constantly switch from their desktop to their tablet and smartphones. Be present anytime thanks to cross-device campaigns, positioning your ads on all types of devices, thus ensuring a permanent visibility.


Target your prospects within a perimeter around your company, per city, region or nationally and up to 100 countries across the globe.


Ads extensions are ideal to boost the efficiency of your campaigns. They enable to maximize the ad space by offering traditional links to your site, displaying your phone number and more, thus answering clearly to your prospects needs. They also improve the quality score of your campaigns which reduces the CPC and increase your ranking among the competition.

Performance Reports

Star 5 Digital Solutions provides regular reports essential for your analysis of the profitability and the impact of your ad campaigns. These reports can be personalized to answer effectively to your needs.

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